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A Farm Girl in College

  Calves and a cow in the setting sun (Taken by me, 2022)      While it isn't something I talk about a lot at school, I grew up on a beef cattle farm. It might be easy for someone who doesn't know me to see me getting my bachelor's degree in English and think, "She must be punching her ticket off the farm." But that couldn't be farther from the truth.     Some of my earliest memories are of following my dad around the farm. I might not have been born in a barn, but I spent a significant amount of time there as a kid. My family has been farming for generations, and I can't help but wonder if it isn't in our blood. Dad will be 77 next March and he shows no signs of stopping (he does threaten to sell off the cows when they make life extra difficult, but he never seriously means it).      While I have gotten pretty used to city life since going to college, I find that I do need to go home at least once a month for my mental health. There is something extre

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